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In this lesson we learn how to draw Shadow, a rival of Sonic the Hedgehog's.

It seems that he is neither good nor evil, but simply fights for himself and his own interests, which may include opposing Sonic or supporting him.

Shadow the Hedgehog Drawing

We begin our drawing with a simple outline of Shadow's body before we start drawing in details.

How to Draw Shadow - 1. Head and Torso

Begin by drawing a circle.

Then attach an oval to its bottom for the torso. The ovals size should be slightly longer than half a circle.

How to Draw Shadow - 2. Arms and Legs

Draw in shadows arms. The upper arms should be as long as the torso when you measure them from shoulder to elbow. Make the lower arms only half as long and let them disappear into rectangular blocks. These blocks mark the beginning of Shadow's gloves.

Make Shadow's legs a bit longer than the torso and draw them slightly spread.

Just like the arms disappear into gloves, the legs vanish into the shoes.
Draw a cylinder shape to their end for the upper shoe parts.
At the top, the lines come from behind the leg and curve down a bit. Then there is a change in direction and they go straight down. And at the bottom the shape is closed with a curved line.

How to Draw Shadow - 3. Shoes

Shadow's shoes are huge! And they are also very complicated objects. But for now we draw them as simple blocks and take care of the details later.
Draw their front as a trapezoid. The shoe on the right is a bit longer in my picture, because it is seen from a stronger side angle. That's also the reason why its trapezoid is a bit narrower.

How to Draw Shadow - 4. Hands

Outline the basic shape of Shadow's hands.
One of them is clutched to a fist, and the other one is opened.

The fist is shaped like a square with very rounded edges. Make its side length roughly equal to the torso's length.
Because it is opened, the other hand has to be a bit longer than the torso.
Don't go nuts over these proportional measurements, these are just rough guidelines.

When the hands are sketched in, our first outline of Shadow's body is complete and we move on to draw in the details.

How to Draw Shadow - 5.  The Face

Start to draw Shadow's face by bringing out the snout and the nose.

To draw the eyes, I recommend that you first erase the right side of the circle above the snout.
Make the eyes rather pointy at the top. The eye on the left should almost touch the circle. The other eye should be much smaller, because it is on the distant side of the face. Also draw the mouth in this step.

Add a fold above each eye.
Let the fold above the distant eye reach out of the circle a bit.
The fold above the large eye touches the circle at its peak.
Place ovals into the eyes for irises.

How to Draw Shadow - 6.  Head Details

Place two triangles on top of Shadow's head for the ears.
Just like the eyes, one of them should be a bit larger than the other.

Draw in Shadow's first spike.
Let the line start just above the outer eye and curve backwards over the ear.

Shadow's lower spikes are all standing upwards at their ends.
Draw the spikes in the front filling the entire space between the first spike and Shadow's arm. Make the spikes on the other side smaller, because they are distant in the background and partially hidden behind the head.

Here we add the last details to Shadow's face.
Draw narrow ovals into the irises.
Then outline a thin area below the eyelids.
Draw a short, curved line into the middle of the fold between the eyes.
And finally, draw another triangular shape into the front ear.

Shadow has red stripes on his spikes.
Draw one thick stripe running across the head's top. It should have a pointy end that is pointing between the eyes.

Then add a stripe along the top of each lower spike.

With that Shadow's head is complete and we move on to finish the rest of his body.

How to Draw Shadow - 7. Chest Fur

First, erase the separations between arms and torso.
Then add the last spike to Shadow's back. It becomes visible below his armpit.

Now we can start to draw the fur on his chest.
Start with two curved spikes at the torso's top.
Don't place them into the middle, but more towards the right side.
Make the right spike a bit shorter than the left one.

Add two more spikes on each side below the first pair.
Then let the lines meet at the bottom in a pointy angle.

Erase the torso's line where it is covered by the fur now.
Then draw in Shadow's tail. You can see it a bit between the legs, and between leg and fist.

Also outline stripes along Shadow's arms.
Draw them on the sides of the elbows.

How to Draw Shadow - 8. Hand Details

Move your eraser over the outlines for the hands, so that they become very faint. Then you are ready to draw the detailed hands on top of these faint outlines.
I split the drawing process up into many small steps that are easy to follow.
Draw the hands as shown below.

The fist is complete, and in the next three steps we draw a ring around Shadow's wrist and the glove's parts that sticks out behind it.

With that, the first hand is complete and we move on to the second hand.
It's the same thing here again. We draw it in many small steps as shown below.

Next comes the ring around the wrist again.

Both hands are complete, and the last things to draw are Shadow's shoes.

How to Draw Shadow - 9. Shoes

If it is necessary to make some corrections to the boxes you drew for the feet, do it now, because we are going to draw the detailed shoes into them.

Let me be blunt here. The shoes are very complicated and difficult to draw, and it took me quite a while until I got them into an acceptable shape.
For that reason I split their drawing process up into more than 10 steps.
So take your time with this, because it won't be easy.

We begin with an iron framework around the front of the shoes.

Draw an inverted U-shape into the trapezoid at the front.

Then draw a parallel outline along the trapezoids top, and connect the sides of the U-shape at the bottom with a straight line.
Note that this line is sitting slightly higher than the bottom of the trapezoid.

Draw a short branch going backwards at the sides of the frameworks.

Also note how I brought out the inner part of the framework on the right shoe (red arrows).

Then outline the top of the short side branches as the red arrows indicate.

Place a ring into the front of the left shoe. Since the other shoe is seen from a stronger side angle the ring has to be an oval there.

Now the iron framework at the front is complete, and next we draw the middle part of the shoes.

Along the top you can redraw the line of each box, connecting the cylinder around the ankles with the frame in the front.

Then draw a curved line that starts at the short side branches of the framework and goes steeply upwards to the cylinder.

Draw a short, curved line into the middle part of the shoes to indicate where the edge between top surface and side is.

Now we continue with the steel-frame around the heels.
Begin with these curved shapes.

Draw a very short line going down from the cylinder towards the heel.
Also draw in a line that is connecting the frame in the front and the frame in the back.
These lines don't touch the frame in the back, because we will still add something in between there.

Here are a few tiny lines to add for the 3d appearance of the frame.
One is coming from behind the heel joining the frame at the top.
Another one is pointing from the frames upper edge into the shoe's inside.
And two lines are going along the frame's bottom, disappearing below the bridge between front and back part.

Draw the frame's inner edge parallel to its outer edge.

And with that the difficult framework is complete.
The last thing to add is a ring around Shadow's ankles, and a few pieces of cloth sticking out behind it, just as it was at the hands.

Erase the cylinder and replace its lower half with the ring.

Then fill the upper half with pieces of cloth sticking out behind the ring.
On the fists side these are largely hidden.

The shoes are done. Can you believe it?
As I said, this was by far the most difficult part for me.
I hope you made it through this part of the lesson alive ;).
But hey, with the shoes the entire drawing is finished now.

Now the question is what you will do with your drawing.
You have several options:
1. Leave it as it is.
2. Carefully retrace it with a black pen, erase the old lines afterwards, and color it.
3. Color it right away.
4. ... Or do something else with it, whatever you want.

Either way, Shadow is ready to unleash lots of Chaos Energy and fight for the Emeralds.
Sonic has to watch out now.

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