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Let's draw the youngest member of the Simpsons family: Maggie.

Maggie Simpson Drawing

Maggie's lower body has the same size as her head.
Keep this in mind when we get started now, so that you don't run out of space on your paper.

How to Draw Maggie Simpson - 1. Head

Start with two circles for Maggie's eyes.
Let the first circle overlap the second one a little bit at the side.

Then draw in Maggie's short and round nose. It covers a small part of the second eye's bottom. Erase this small part of the eye afterwards, so that the nose is empty.

We use the size of Maggie's eye (the left eye's diameter) to figure out how large to draw her other body parts.
For example: the distance from the nose's bottom to the lower lip is just as large as one eye.
Draw the lower part of the face with one curve for the cheek at the right side, a large oval for her pacifier below it, and another curve for her lip below the pacifier.

Place Maggie's ear so that its top is on the same level as the nose's bottom (see dotted line).
The ear should also sit entirely to the left of the eye, and not a little bit below it.
Draw a short line going down from behind the ear. Then connect this line with the lower lip through a curve.

To draw in Maggie's spikes, first measure the distance of one eye above and to the left of the eye. Sketch in a faint line there.
These lines will guarantee that we draw the spikes in the right distance.

Then you can draw in the first two spikes. Their length should be half as long as the eye's diameter.
Look at the red dots to see how these spikes line up with the eyes.
But don't get too precise with this. Just take it as a guideline.

Now add the rest of her spikes.
I placed a small dot into the new spikes to distinguish them from the spikes of the last step.
You can see that there are two more spikes to draw towards the ear,
two spikes between the "old" spikes, and two more spikes towards the forehead.
Only the spikes at the ears should be a bit smaller. Make all others equally large.

The basic outline of Maggie's head is complete.
Let's draw in the details, to make her look really alive.

How to Draw Maggie Simpson - 2. Head Details

Place two small dots into Maggie's eyes for the pupils.
Draw three short and curved eyelashes on top of each eye.
Also outline her inner ear with two short lines.

Draw Maggie's pacifier and ribbon as shown in the next four steps.
It's pretty easy, so there is not much to explain.

How to Draw Maggie Simpson - 3. Proportions

As I said at the beginning of this lesson, Maggie's full size is twice as large as her head.

Take measurement from the head's top to bottom.
Then mark the same distance with a horizontal line below her head.

This line now defines the bottom of her body and will help us to draw her in the correct size.

To make things even easier, you can divide the section below the head into quarters.

Sketch the dividing lines very lightly, so that you can erase them again without problem.

Now we are ready to start drawing the body.
Begin by outlining Maggie's collar with a small curve behind the neck and another one below the lip.

How to Draw Maggie Simpson - 4. Body

Sketch in Maggie's arms into the upper quarter.
We are still using the eye as our tool for measurement here.
The red lines have the length of the eye's diameter, and you can see that the arms are about as long as that.

Add the torso below the arms. On the left side it is just one big curve spanning across the entire next quarter. On the right side there is a small bulge at the top, and a large one below it.
The red line across the face reaches from the ear to the cheek. This is how broad the torso should be at its widest point.

Now add the outline of the legs into the next quarter. Draw two curves along the sides and one curve in the middle as a division between the legs.
Don't place this division precisely into the middle, but a bit more towards the right.

At the front you can now draw a large bulge for Maggie's foot.
Draw two bulges at the back side. These are for the parts of her over-sized dress which she is dragging behind her.

Close the shape at the bottom with a curved line that outlines Maggie's second foot. In my picture it doesn't quite touch the last line at the bottom, but that millimeter doesn't matter too much.
Now you can carefully erase all the horizontal lines.

How to Draw Maggie Simpson - 5. Hands

Maggie's hands also have the width and height of one eye-length.
Keep her fingers very rounded and simple.
Here it is important that you also draw the space between the fingers with a curve. Don't let the fingers join in a spiky angle, or something.

Here's the last tiny detail:
Draw a small curve across each palm.

Maggie Simpson Drawing
Our cutie-pie is finished and wants a big hug.

Now you can retrace your drawing with a black pen, if you like.
That way you get nice and clean borders.

Congratulations on your finished drawing!

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