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How to Draw Hulk

Colored Hulk Drawing
Whenever Dr. Bruce Banner becomes angry he is transformed into the incredible hulk: a big green man who smashes everything standing in his way. This happens to him because he was exposed to gamma-radiation from a bomb which changed his DNA.
The green hulk is not very smart, but he is incredibly strong.

As you can see above, right now hulk is angry and wants to SMASH things.
And since we do like him when he's angry, we are going to draw him.

How to Draw Hulk - Step 1 : Sketching the Body

Draw the first sketch lightly so that erasing is easy.

Head and Torso Sketch

Draw an egg for Hulk's head first, and then add his torso below.
We look at hulk from a side angle, and that's why one shoulder sits higher and looks shorter than the other one.
The torso is about twice as large as the head.

Arms Sketch
Hulk is lifting his arms to smash and crash things to bits.
Sketch the arms in loosely and place boxes instead of fists at their ends.
Make the boxes big and broad, but they shouldn't be larger than his head.

Legs Sketch

Add Hulk's pelvis and his thighs below the torso.
The thighs should be no longer than half of an arm.
Keep them pretty short.

Feet Sketch
Since hulk is leaping forward in our picture, his lower legs are shortened by the perspective.
One of them isn't visible at all, and you can only see the foot looking out below the knee.

Once you've drawn them in, the first simple outline of Hulk's body is finished, and now we'll give his body a more detailed shape.

How to Draw Hulk - Step 2 : Bringing the Body into Shape

Head Shape

First, let's remove this horrible egg from Hulk's shoulders and replace it with something that comes closer to his actual look.
Move your eraser over the egg, so that its lines become very faint.
Then bring out chin, jaw, cheeks and ear with a few stronger pencil lines.
You can also sketch in hair, eyes, nose and mouth loosely, but we will draw them in detail later.

Arm Shape
Now we bring Hulk's arms into a better shape.
Erase the old lines again, so that they are very faint, and then draw a clearer outline of arms and shoulders on top of them.

Fist Shape

Draw the fists fitting into the boxes. Watch out that both of them end up having the same size. Perhaps you will need to make one box a little bit larger, since it has been too small.

Pants and Knees

The thighs are covered by Hulk's torn pants. Keep the lines for them smooth and simple, before you cut them off with a zigzag pattern just above the knee.
Let the knees stand out from the legs a little bit.

Feet Shape
When you draw in the feet now there are only three important parts you have to watch out for:
1. heel
2. ball of the foot
3. toes

One foot is seen from the side, and the toes overlap each other a little bit.
On the other foot you see all toes from above, and so that there is no overlap.

The second big step of the drawing is complete.
Hulk's body has a good shape now, and all we need to do is to add details into it.

How to Draw Hulk - Step 3 : Body Details

Feet Details
We continue right with the feet, where we stopped in the previous step.
Add a toenail on each single toe. Then draw in the sinews above the toes on each foot.
Also bring out the muscles on the lower leg with a few curved lines.

Head Details Step 1
Now we jump all the way to the top again and continue with hulk's head.
Draw in clear shapes for hair, eyes, nose and mouth in this step.

Head Details Step 2
Add big, broad teeth into Hulk's mouth, and a few folds around it.
Also add one long line along the side of the jaw, and bring out the details of the ear.

Fist Details
Bring the fists into their final shape through drawing in all fingers.

How to Draw Hulk - Step 4 : Huge Muscles
Arm Muscles
Take your time to carefully draw in the muscles on each arm.

Chest Details
The largest part of Hulk's chest is hidden by one arm, but you can still see a small part of its top. Draw in the lines for muscles and collar bone there.
Also add a few small lines at the side of the neck for sinews.

Belly Details
Draw in the muscles in the lower part of the torso now.
Give Hulk a "six-pack" and three muscles at the side.
Also let the torso bulge out just below the shoulder.

How to Draw Hulk - Step 5: Final Touch


The last thing to add is the belt fur hulk's pants.
He doesn't necessarily need one, though. If you don't want your hulk to wear a belt, you are done already.

Finished Hulk Drawing

Hulk is finished, and now we should probably get out of his way before he smashes us.
But you can still color your Hulk, if you like. Did you know that his skin is green because it contains chloroplasts? This gives him the ability to absorb sunlight and transform it into usable energy. So when you color your hulk in green he will become even stronger. Whoa!

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