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Woof-woof! It's time to learn how to draw dogs, our tail wiggling, stick fetching, and drooling friends! The lessons will cover dog pencil drawings as well as cartoon dogs. In the pencil drawing lessons the focus will be on realistic dog anatomy. In the cartoon lessons the focus is on creating a catchy and funny depiction of a dog, where the real proportions don't matter too much and can be exaggerated.

How to Draw a Dog: Boxer

Find out how to draw a dog of the Boxer breed in profile and in front view with the help of a few squares to map out his body proportions.

How to Draw a Dachshund

Here you can learn how to draw a Dachshund. A dachshund is a cute little dog with very short legs. They were originally bred for the rabbit hunt because they could follow the rabbits down into the holes. Today they're popular as pets.

How to Draw a German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd dog is popular as a pet, but also often used as a police dog and rescue dog. With his long snout and the large ears he is the dog that most closely resembles the ancestor of all dogs: the wolf.

How to Draw Puppy Realistically

Learn how to draw a puppy in a rather realistic fashion.
Follow this step by step lesson where we'll cover a husky puppy and a long haired German shepherd dog puppy.

How to Draw a Puppy in Cartoon Style

Learn how to draw a puppy, a cute cartoon dog baby chasing its own tail.
This detailed step by step lesson shows you how to do it and teaches you some handy cartoon techniques along the way.

How to Draw a Wolf in Cartoon Style

It is only proper to include a drawing lesson about the forefather of all dogs on this page: The Wolf.
In this cartoon drawing lesson you can learn how to draw him as an exaggerated Big Bad Wolf Caricature, like he is described in some fairy tales.

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