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Learning how to draw bubble letters is not very difficult, and the ability to draw them comes in very handy when you are designing your own birthday invitations, Valentine's Day cards, or something similar.

So let's take a look how we can draw them from scratch until they look like this:

Bubble Letters

To give all letters such a rounded bubble-look you have to construct them out of round shapes.
A circle and an oval are sufficient building blocks for this task.
Oval and Circle
All letters can be created by combining several ovals and/or circles.
Below is shown how you can go step by step from combining circles and ovals to the finished and colored bubble letter. I use the first five letters of the alphabet for demonstration.

How to Draw Bubble Letters Step by Step

A, B, C, D and E constructed out of Ovals and Circles

Start out by laying down the basic structure of the letter with ovals and circles. There are certainly several possibilities how you can do this for some letters. Consider my examples just as a suggestion.
Draw these shapes very lightly, so that you can erase and correct them easily. And be sure to do just that until they look good.

Traced Letters

Trace the outer shape of the letters with a stronger stroke now, so that you get clear and firm borders. You don't have to follow the form of ovals and circles precisely while doing this. For example, I smoothed the connection between ovals and circles for all letters, except the A.
Also add holes into the letters who need them (A, B, and D).
Note that the hole in the D is not perfectly round, but flattened on the left side. It looks just like a smaller D. This makes it easier to recognize the D for what it is. With a circular hole inside it may be falsely considered as an O.

Letter Outlines

Erase the inner lines afterwards so that only the border of the bubble letters remains.

Colored Bubble Letters

And now you can color the letters to your liking.
Just filling them with one plain color may be a bit boring, though.
Consider giving them a shiny effect by using two additional color values:

Draw brighter stripes along one side of the letter, as if the letter was reflecting light at these places. Then draw a darker stripe on the opposite side, as if it lies a in shadow. This is quickly done and makes the letters much more attractive.

So these were the steps how to draw bubble letters.
Below I show you an example how you can construct the other letters of the alphabet in the same way.
I just cheated with the J, because its lower end is not an oval, but a curved shape.

The Bubble Letter Alphabet

Since the first five letters are shown above already it starts with an F here. Alphabet constructed out of Ovals and Circles

And here is what these letters look like after being traced and colored:

Colored Bubble Letters of Rest of Alphabet

That's it already for this drawing lesson.
Now you know how to draw bubble letters when you need them the next time.
So enjoy writing in this funny and interesting way!

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