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Learn how to draw Bart Simpson in this drawing lesson.

Bart Simpson Drawing

Bart the brat may look innocent in this picture, but he is up to no good and is going to play tricks on people.
So let's draw this adorable boy.

How to Draw Bart Simpson - 1. The Head

As you begin to draw Bart, keep his overall size in mind that his whole body will fit on your paper. His body is twice and a half as large as his head.
Start with two circles for Bart's eyes. The second one is partially hidden behind the first one, and is also a bit smaller. But the difference in size really doesn't matter that much.
We are going to use the larger eye as our "standard unit", which just means that we will compare the size of other body parts to this eye, so that we know how large make them.

Draw in Bart's nose afterwards.
At the beginning it is straight, but rounded at the tip.
Let it cover the bottom of the second eye.
Draw a straight line going down from the point where the nose touches the eye's edge. Let Bart's lip bulge forward a bit, and then draw a very flat curve towards the left for his mouth. The corner of the mouth should roughly line up with the eye's left edge. Add a tiny line to the mouth's corner for a smile.
The red lines show that the distance from the nose's top to the bottom of the lip has just the height of the eye. This doesn't have to match up precisely, but is a good orientation.

Add the small lower lip in the next step. The red dotted line shows how it lines up with the nose above it. Draw a short line going down from the lower lip for the throat.
Also draw in the backside of Bart's head on the left now. Let the line lean very gently towards the left as it goes upwards. Make the distance between this lines and the eye only half as broad as the eye, and the throat as broad as one eye.


The distance from top of the eye to top of the head is one and a half eye-lengths. I recommend that you first don't draw any spikes along the top, but just try to get the right size for the head.

Afterwards you can replace the line along the top with spikes.
Draw nine spikes in total, including the two at the edges.
Try to give them equal size and width.


Erase the edges of the two outer spikes and replace them with lines that slightly curve outwards.
Add a small fold above the right eye, and attach an ear to the head.
The red dotted line shows that the ear is sitting just below the eye.

Now erase the line inside of the ear and in the small fold above the eye.
Draw in two small and black pupils.
Also outline the border of the ear with two curved lines.

How to Draw Bart Simpson - 2. Proportions

Let's map out the size of Bart's body in comparison to his head.

Take measurement from the top of the head to the bottom of the upper lip.
This is the size of Bart's torso.
Measure the same distance from the lip downwards and draw a horizontal line there.

Then add another line half of that distance below the first line. This is the space reserved for Bart's legs and shoes.

With the proportions mapped out we can now begin to draw the body.

How to Draw Bart Simpson - 3. Torso


Draw the sides of Bart's torso with two curves going downwards.
The thick red line marks the distance from the ear's outer edge to the tip of the lip. This is the same width the torso should have at its broadest point.
Note that the torso doesn't touch the line at the bottom, because there still has to be a bit of space for the shorts, as you can see in the right picture.

Add the short trouser legs below the torso, so that they touch the line at the bottom. Make them about as broad as the eye.
Also draw a curved line across the torso at its widest point for the division between shorts and shirt.

Erase the line between the torso and the trouser leg in the front.
Then make the sides of the torso slightly wider just above the pants, so that it looks like Bart's shirt is hanging above the shorts a bit.

How to Draw Bart Simpson - 4. Legs and Shoes


Draw in the legs as two cylinders that reach down to the middle between the two proportional lines.
Make them a bit thinner than the trouser legs above.

Draw two rings around the end of the legs.
These mark the beginning of the shoes already.


Now draw in Bart's shoes.
They're pretty simple. Just make sure that the front part is a bit longer than the heels.

Afterwards you can erase the two proportional lines for good.
Then outline the soles along the bottom of the shoes.
Also add a circle on the shoe in the back.

How to Draw Bart Simpson - 5. Arms

Start with the top of the shirt sleeves.
Draw one sitting above the torso's back-line, and the other one sticking out a bit behind the chest.

Also draw in Bart's pocket.
You can do this with just two curved lines.


Now let the arms grow out of the sleeves.
Draw the first arm with two lines that start at the shirt sleeve and disappear into the pocket.
The second arm is almost invisible. Just add a tiny line that vanishes behind the belly almost immediately.

Erase the lines that are hidden behind Bart's arm now.

And then add the tiny last details to your drawing:
See the red arrows? They point out where you can draw in the backside of the sleeve wrapping around the arm.

Bart Simpson Drawing

Your drawing of Bart Simpson is complete.

Now you can consider what to do with it next.
You can retrace it very carefully with a black fine-liner, or inking pen, and then erase the pencil lines. This will create a nice and clean cartoon look, and make the coloring a bit easier.

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