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In this drawing lesson we learn how to draw a heart.

Heart Drawings

Although hearts are very simple objects, it can still be tricky to draw good looking ones. The problem is usually the symmetry. It can be difficult to draw one side of the heart exactly as a mirror version of the other. Often one side ends up being a bit smaller.
But exactly this can be used to our advantage when we draw the heart in 3D, looking at it from a side angle.

Here is how it works.

How to Draw a Heart in 3D

Start by drawing one side of the heart, which is nothing but a hook in a special shape. At the top all hooks have the same rounded hump.
But there are three different shapes you can give to the lower part of the hook:

1. Draw it straight.
2. Draw it as an extension of the hump, so that it curves down to the bottom of the heart without interruption.
3. Draw it curving into the opposite direction than the hump.

Straight HeartRounded HeartCurvy Heart
Then draw in the other side of the heart.
Do not draw it from the end of the first hump, but let it grow out of its side. Make it narrower than the first one. This makes the heart look like it is shown from a side angle. The left side is closer to us and therefore larger, while the right side is farer away from us and therefore smaller. Of course you can also draw it the other way round and make the right side the bigger one.

Since the heart is not symmetric from this point of view, you don't have to worry about the exact size of the second half.
There is just one thing you have to watch out for:

Heart with ErrorCorrected Heart

The tip of the first hook shouldn't point directly downwards, like in the left picture. This makes the side of the heart look flat and not rounded.
Draw the middle line slightly diagonal instead, like in the right picture.
This represents a heart with rounded sides much better.

How to Draw a Heart in 2D

When drawing 2D hearts we have to pay attention to their symmetry.
Often one side of the heart will accidentally get bigger than the other one, so that the heart looks weird in the end.

Pairs of Circles

To prevent this, slightly sketch two circles of equal size next to each other. If you want to make it easy, take a coin, or some other round object, place it on your paper and then lead the pencil around it to get your circles.

Hearts drawn over Circles

Now you can use these circles as a guide for drawing your heart shapes.
This should make it easy to give the same size to both humps on the top.
You still have to watch out while drawing the bottom of the hearts, though. Be sure to check that each side looks like a mirror version of the other.

Finished 2D Hearts

Erase the circles, when you are done with the heart shapes, and your 2D hearts are finished.

How to Draw a Heart in Color

Red, Blue, Pink and Violet are the best heart colors in my opinion.
But of course you can choose any color you want.
Brown chocolate hearts would also be a reasonable choice, since there are a lot of heart shaped pralines out there.

Colored Heart Drawings

If you want to add a 3D effect to your hearts, you can shade them.
This just means that you color one side of the heart a bit brighter and make the other slightly darker. Below are a few examples.
The yellow arrows represent the direction from which light is shining on the heart.

Shaded Drawings of Hearts

The first four hearts where colored in different techniques using computer software, while the last two were colored with good, old-fashioned pencils.
But no matter what sort of material you use, the principle is always the same: Make the heart brighter along the edges which are hit by the light, and make it darker on the opposite site.

I want to point out the left heart in the second row here, because I particularly like its look. This way of "shading" is very easy. You just draw a white line along the edge of the bright side, and darker stripes along the edges of the shadowy side. And that's it. It is very simple, but has a nice, cartoon-like 3D effect.

Once you have drawn your heart, consider giving it additional accessories like wings at the back, a little crown sitting on top of one hump, a smiling face inside of it, etc. Such hearts make a great decoration on self-made items like invitation cards.

So far so good.
See you soon for another upcoming drawing lesson.

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